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Andalus Bridge works in partnership with a number of institutions, universities and companies and aims to raise awareness of the importance of skills development and training, for individuals and companies. by professional standards.

The work team is pleased to harness all their previous experiences in the field of education and training with the aim of being effective partners with you in achieving the desired goals that you seek to achieve. Providing successful consultations and encouraging scientific production by creating opportunities for scientific and academic meetings between research institutions in the Arab world and international academic research institutions.

Training services

Services in Oil & Gas Sector

At Andalus Bridge we offer energy training solutions adapted to the needs of each of our clients, offering alternatives and services in order to achieve progress, optimization and development of energy efficiency, so Andalus is developing competent petroleum professionals in all technical processes, which llowing employers to manage and assure the competence of workers at all stages of the operations, the short and longer courses coverning the following:

Legal & Fiscal Courses
Gas & LNG Courses
Finance & Accounting Courses
Petroleum Economics Courses
General topics
Project Management Courses
Drilling Engineering Courses
Production Engineering Courses
Petroleum Technology Courses
Reservoir Engineering Courses

Small Scale LNG Shipping
Marine Transportation: Operations, Economics & Logistics

Refining Courses
Trading Courses

NEBOSH is the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. Established in 1979. NEBOSH is now recognised for its qualifications, which have been taken in more than 132 countries throughout the world. The qualifications help to raise the competence of safety and environmental professionals as well as individuals at all levels in the workplace.

Diploma Petroleum Engineering Training (PET):

This Petroleum Engineering Training (PET) the courses are 15 different disciplines, the group can chose the right course that we can adtobted. In the topic of Oil Management, we have created a speical couse titiled the Petroleum Engineering Management (PEM) this course is organised and prepared in a joint venture between the Andalus Bridge and European Petroleum and Gas Consultancy (EPGC)and the European University of Madrid (EU).


The courser in Petroleum Engineering Management provides you with the most useful tools for managing projects in Oil and Gas facilities and directing work teams. It is a practical program that puts at your disposal best practices from different sectors under the guidelines of the Project Management Institute (PMI). The figure of the Project Manager acquires a fundamental importance in organizations and companies of all sizes, since it is a key profile when designing efficient business strategies. On the other hand, Project Managers, in addition to having very extensive knowledge in project management, must also have highly developed personal and performance skills. It will allows to view the complete value of facility projects considering and integrating key important aspect of Health, Safety, Environment, Economic and Risk.

Designed for:

Beginners’ or experienced geoscientists, geophysics, geology, petrophysics, reservoir, production, drilling engineers, and professionals working in Planning, Logistics and Management areas of Oil and Gas assests.

Master in Energy Geoscience and Engineering:

The Master dgree has been organised and prepared in a joint venture between the Andalus Bridge and European Petroleum and Gas Consultancy (EPGC)and the European University of Madrid (EU).


The key purpose for the career opportunities available within the traditional and future oil industry is to offer you the advanced sector-specific knowledge and skills required to succeed in the competitive, ever-evolving energy industry. Learn to maximise hydrocarbon recovery at a minimum cost, whilst reducing the environmental impacts. Petroleum Geoscience and engineering is oriented to safe, efficient and sustainable development of Oil and Gas, CO2 permanent capture, and handling CH4 and/or H2 in storage assets to meet global energy and resources demands. This Master is the required transition for any science and engineering graduates to fully integrate their background in the whole value chain knowledge of the Exploration and Production (E&P) projects. Provides a full competence to reduce risk and cost for experienced E&P professionals. Reduces the learning path time from 4 years to 1 year for new graduates in Science, Geoscience, Petroleum or Engineering.

Designed for:

Graduates from Science (Mathematicians, Physics, Chemistry), Engineering (Electrical, Electronical, Mechanical, Industrial, Mine, etc) ready to reconvert their knowledge into the Energy sector. Graduates in Petroleum Engineers, Geologist and Geophysicist, ready to integrate the whole Value Chain of the Energy sector. Professionals working in the Oil and Gas business wishing to change their activity or manage a team. Professionals working in the Electrical business wishing to know about new opportunities of the future energy vectors. Professionals wishing to know about the Oil and Gas business to find opportunities in the permanent capture of CO2 and temporary storage and production of H2, as the future energy and social demand will require subsurface and surface knowledge for these activities.

Services in Vocational Training for Development

There are a range of service providers helping to deliver quality vocational education and training in Andalus Bridge, whether you need nationally recognised qualifications or internationally recognition, providing by professional experts training team.

General Management
Engineering Managemen
Project Management
Management and Leadership
Secretarial and Office Management
Quality Management
Human Development
Human Resource Management

Engineering and Technical Programs

Health and Safety Management
Occupational Health and Safety

International Relations
Security Studies
Political and International Cooperation
International Law
Public Relations


Sales and marketing
Procurement and Storages
Customers Service
Shipping and Logistics
Travel and Tourism

Learning services

Spanish Language

Intensive Spanish
Official Exams
Business Spanish
Specialized Spanish courses

English Language

Intensive English
Official Exams (Cambridge)
Business English
Specialized English courses

Arabic Language

Modern Standard Arabic
Intensive Modern Standard Arabic
One-to-one classes 
One-to-one Online classes
Diplomat Course


Consultancy services

In today’s rapidly changing academic landscape, growing numbers of researchers are looking to provide consulting services and make their academic knowledge and expertise available to a variety of organisations, such as the Government, the public and third sectors.

Academic consulting also helps researchers to extend their network, keep abreast of the latest developments in their f¬ield and identify potential new funding sources

Oil and gas consultancy services

We help oil and gas businesses grow and invest successfully and improve operational performance, by our agreements that can be linked our clients with the right international expert bodies.

  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Seismic and Sub
  • surface Integration
  • Geologic StudiesStatic Modeling
  • Wellsite Geology
  • Petrophysics
  • Material balance studies
  • Decline curve analysis
  • Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Rate Transient Analysis
  • Petroleum Fluid Characterisation
  • Field Performance Benchmarking
  • Reservoir Characterisation
  • Integrated Field Development Studies
  • Petroleum Economics
  • Divestment/Acquisition
  • Field Unitisation Studies
  • Reserves Assessment and Reporting
  • Production Data Management
  • Data Interpretation
  • Waterflood Surveillance
  • Integrated Production Modelling
  • Open Hole (OH) logging data acquisition and interpretation.
  • Production casing running & primary cementing.
  • Completion operations & Fishing operations.
  • Well intervention.
  • Live well intervention – snubbing, coil tubing, wireline.
  • Remedial cementing.
  • Artificial lift installation.
  • Hydraulic fracturing and acidizing

Academic consultancy services

Many academics find that consultancy leads to new research collaborations and other opportunities. It can also be a source of additional income.

Editing services

As part of our interest in benefiting from the experience of this country in the field of publishing and printing, Spain is part of our interest in entering into agreements with some of these companies to provide services to public and private institutions

Higher Education Services

  • Promotion of wide range of programs including undergraduate and postgraduate university, college, polytechnic or vocational programs.

  • Academic consultancies.

  • Application submissions.

  • University offer.

  • Accreditation: fully accredited by the country Ministry of Education.

  • Assist students for the required documents translation.

  • Study abroad and Exchange students.

  • Certificates Attestations.

Research services

Research services at (ABTES) provides a range of services and specialist advice in support of universities and foundations.

Exhibitions and conferences

In mediation ABTES organizes a number of annual academic workshops with the participation of representatives various universities and educational institutions in European countries, and be co-operation with other European institutions organizes especial events in conferences and programs by arranging regular seminars, workshops and single events in our office in Madrid for universities and academic institutions.