Andalus Bridge is much more than a service company is the natural partner, for excellence, of the study centers in Spain. With us, the student has the best guide to the success of his/her study projects.

ABTES is unique in it is ability to provide solutions on international and regional basis to satisfy the students, parents, teachers, universities campus and customers’ needs of the higher education industry markets. The company registered to be a pioneer in the business of higher education and training missions.

ABTES was founded as a result of a rich experience extended to eight years of academic study and professional work that granted the founders the skills and expertise to provide diverse educational services. The founders are recipients of master’s degrees and PhD from the top of the UK universities and worked as international academic adviser during the past 5 years.

We are an international provider of educational services to institutional customers in Spain and Latin America, and we also help foreign companies and agencies to optimize their operations in the education sector of the Spanish-speaking world. We deliver print and digital materials and content development, teacher training and educational assessment in higher education programs (English Language Teaching) and we partner with European universities and the USA and Latin America.